• Glass door with UV treatment and black screen printing on the perimeter, ensuring maximum visibility of the products inside.
    The LED lights enhance the meat’s presentation and reflect on the AISI 304 stainless steel inner lining.
    Constant display of the temperature and relative humidity of the air on the digital “touch” thermostat, which also allows managing the desired ventilation.
    It is possible to customize the interior of the internal equipment, between stainless steel tubes and hooks for hanging or perforated stainless steel shelves.
    The cabinet is also equipped with a set of Himalayan salt plates that help to control the level of humidity.

    • Equipment supllied without shelfs or hanging hooks. Complete with acessories
    • Supplied with 6 Himalayan salted plates

  • Code: C22000006

    Model: DA5/121

    Width | mm: 810

    Depth | mm: 500

    Height | mm: 2100

    Capacity: About 80Kg of meat

    Temperature: 0/+6ºC

    Humidity: 50 / 85%

    Weight | Kg: 145

    Power: 725W

    Tension | Freq.: 230V l 50Hz

    Gas: R290

  • Weight with packaging (Kg): 160

    Load Capacity (unit):

    TIR | 20” | 40”

  • Stainless steel shelf
    Model: DR5/01
    Cod. C220000

    Hanging rods (2 tubes and 3 hooks)
    Model: DT5/02
    Cod. C220000

    Core probe for meat
    Cod. C220004

    Ozone sterilizer kit
    Cod. C220005